Monday, 31 March 2008

Brisbane Music - Anna Weatherup

I heard local muso Anna Weatherup while I was listening to 4ZZZ-FM this morning. Here's a YouTube clip of her singing a live version of her song "Real":

You can find about 14 other videos of Anna at YouTube if you click here, or you can visit her myspace page here to keep up to date with her upcoming gigs, or listen to 3 of her songs.

You can also see Anna's official webpage here.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Brisbane Photos: Vulture Street

I have been thinking for a while now about what is the best iconic image of Brisbane. People who live in Brisbane think it is the Story Bridge, but the trouble with that is no-one from outside Brisbane has ever heard of it.

Last Friday, it struck me that everyone who watches Australian cricket has heard of Vulture Street, as it is one of the two ends of the Gabba (the Brisbane Cricket Ground). There is also an album by Aussie band Powderfinger called "Vulture Street".

So I decided that street signs saying "Vulture Street" would be the icon that I wanted to spread.This work is the restult of taking a photo of one of these signs, and then some playing about in Photoshop learning what the different filters do.

Vulture Street, Brisbane 1 by ~djackmanson on deviantART

You can click on the photo above to see it at deviantART, where you can see a larger version, buy copies of it and so on.

Brisbane Culture Hacking - April1 Flashmob

This sounds like fun...



500 People standing frozen in Queen Street Mall from 1PM to 1:05PM, Tuesday April 1 2008

1. Bring Queen St Mall to a standstill.
2. Create mass confusion in a public place.
3. Event covered in evening network news.

Tuesday April 1st 2008

12:25PM Assemble at Meeting Point
12:35PM Lead Agent Briefing
12:45PM Disperse into City Mall
12:55PM Take up places in City Mall
01:00PM Commence Freeze
01:05PM Break Freeze
01:20PM De-brief by lead agent at Meeting Point

Botanical Gardens, enter through main gates at Intersection of Albert Street, look to the right.

Queen Street Mall – Albert Street Foot Corridor Section

To create maximum confusion there should be no visible cues to suggest that we are all in this together. Dress normally – as you would for a Mall Shopping expedition. If you’re planning to freeze as a group, costumes & accessories may accentuate the freeze - keep ideas simple. Remember we all need to walk into the mall around the same time without drawing too much attention to ourselves. Don’t bring accessories that will blow away while you’re frozen & create litter (remember council littering fines will apply).

Anyone assembled at Meeting Point in time for Lead Agent Briefing is welcome to participate in this event. Future missions may not be public – register at to receive communications.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Brisbane Cricket - Andrew Symonds Flattens Streaker

Even if you don't like cricket, you might just find this video pretty funny.

Australia played India last night in the second final of the 2007-08 One Day Cricket International Tri-Series tournament, at the Gabba in Brisbane.

Australia lost the game (and the final series, 2-0), but Australian and Queensland all-rounder Andrew Symonds gave us some of the best entertainment we've seen for a while. When a streaker, Robert Ogilvie, ran on the ground, Symonds shoulder-charged the guy, knocking him flat on his back:

The police and the International Cricket Council have said that no action will be taken against Symonds (good!), but Cricket Australia may still hold a disciplinary hearing. Boo.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Brisbane Music: Darren Hanlon

I was listening to the Saturday Night Fever show on independent radio station 4ZZZ-FM last night, and heard this great song by Darren Hanlon - The Unmade Bed:

Darren won't be playing in Brisbane in the near future, but you can check out his myspace page to see when more gigs are coming up (and listen to more songs there). You can also have a look at his official web page if you click here, and there are plenty more YouTube vids of Darren Hanlon if you click here.