Monday, 30 June 2008

Brisbane Movies: The Horseman, a new Thriller made in Brisbane

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Brisbane Public Transport: 20pc Fare Cut for Go Card Users

The Courier-Mail reports that there will be a 20 per cent cut in public transport fares in South-East Queensland if you use a Go Card. The new fares start on Monday August 4 2008, when most single fares will increase by 10 or 20c. This gives people a serious reason to try the Go Card - the current discount system is not really cheap compared to weekly or monthly tickets. But the new system offers a twenty per cent cut in all fares, a further 35 per cent cut for trips over 13 zones or more, and if you take ten journeys a week, all other journeys that week cost half price. When the new system starts I will put $50 on to a Go Card and see if that lasts as long as a $86.40 two zone monthly.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Brisbane Conferences: Creative Commons Conference Update

I was a little optimistic about what my new phone can do which means i have lots of video from the creative Commons Conference trapped on my phone till next week when my computer arrives at my new home. Seems that the three network will only handle around 4.5mb attachments for email sent from a prepaid Sony Ericsson K800i. This means i will have to adjust my technique to be able to send in video reports direct from the scene when things are happening.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Jane Hornibrook and Louise O'Brien speak at the Building an Australasian Commons Conference

Jane Hornibrook and Louise O'Brien are from Creative Commons New Zealand.

Chunyun Wang speaks at the Building an Australasian Commons Conference

Chunyun Wang is from Creative Commons China Mainland

Sherre Delys and Katie Gauld speak at the Building an Australasian Commons Conference.

Rachel Cobcroft speaks at the Building an Australasian Commons Conference (Part Two)

Professor Tom Cochrane speaks at the Building an Australasian Commons Conference

Jason Wilson speaks at the Creative Commons Conference

Jason Wilson, head of the You Decide 2007 open journalism project for last year's Federal Election speaks at the Building an Australasian Commons Conference on June 24th 2008.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Brisbane Conferences: Building an Australasian Commons

Creative Commons Australia is holding the "Building an Australasian Commons" conference tomorrow at the State Library at Southbank. Registrations closed on June 10th, but if you can't go don't worry, I'll be there and will you can keep up to date with the Brisbane Blog.

Creative Commons is an alternative to copyright - it lets you licence your work so that other people can use it. There are different licences, so you can say that people can't use your work to make money, or you can say that people can use your work but they can't change it. The idea behind Creative Commons is that the more material people have to use, the more creative we can all be.

I'll be live twittering the conference. Don't worry if you follow me on twitter, you won't get a flood of updates. Instead, just check this page here where you'll be able to find all my updates.

I'll also be sending videos from the conference live to the Brisbane Blog, and I'll be taking plenty of photos as well. And I'll follow up with a report of what goes on.

Brisbane Graffiti: Tubby Man

This piece of street art is on a fire exit door leading out of Bunk backpacker lodge/Birdee Num Num nightclub on the corner of Ann St and Gipps St in Fortitude Valley.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Brisbane Cabaret: Trash Video Cabaret Benefit FRIDAY WEEK , July 4th

Local performers and businesses are rallying together to save the rare film library of over 12 thousand movies at Trash Video in West End. Dendy Cinema, Avid Reader, The Melbourne Hotel, The Cupcake Parlour, Ahimsa House, and a star studded line-up of Brisbane burlesque dancers, comedians, magicians, singers, songwriters, and poets, have all donated their time and resources to The Carry On Trash Video Cabaret Benefit to be held at Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St, West End (see below for a Google Map) on 7pm Friday the 4th of July.

Guests to this gala fundraiser will enjoy table seating, glamorous waitresses, complimentary buffet, and a jam-packed evening of more than a dozen critically acclaimed performers including Maiden Speech, Viola Vixen, Zenobia Frost, Ross Clark, Alicia Bennett, Jo Doyle, Simon Chan, Trasey Chambers, Melissa J. Evans, Lady Vee:

and Mandarella:

The evening will be hosted by the co-ordinator Evelyn Hartogh as her popular alter-ego Wonder Woman:

“The preservation of our alternative culture is of paramount importance, keeping alive Trash Video's library is keeping alive our cultural history,” said Evelyn.

“I have been so impressed with the enthusiasm that so many performers and local businesses have shown in supporting this fundraising event. The community has really pulled together to give the fundraiser loads of fabulous talent, heaps of terrific prizes and plenty of delicious refreshments. The library we all are keen to save contains films no longer in circulation which may be otherwise lost to the world," Evelyn said.

The Carry On Trash Video Cabaret Benefit will be a Gala Fundraiser to promote the NEW Subscriber option to Trash Video. All funds raised from the evening will be donated to Trash Video Library to ensure the preservation, for the benefit of the community, the unique, accessible archives of rare films. Established in 1995, Trash Video is Australia's largest cult video store.

Enjoy world class acts, delightful refreshments and show you care about keeping culture diverse! Tickets will be priced at: Concession $15/ Full-time worker $25 - or Subscribe on the night and get in FREE!

Carry On Trash Video Cabaret Benefit

Venue: Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St, West End

Date: 7pm Friday 4 July

Tickets: Concession $15/ Full-time worker $25

More information: &


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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Brisbane Horseracing: Photos from Eagle Farm today

A friend of mine had free tickets to go and see a race meeting at Eagle Farm today, in Ascot. So I took my camera and went to photograph something new.

Blinkers - Race Meeting at Eagle Farm Racecourse, Ascot, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 080621-9

Race Meeting at Eagle Farm Racecourse, Ascot, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 080621-29

Race 3 Finish - Race Meeting at Eagle Farm Racecourse, Ascot, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 080621-16

If you click here, there's a full set of 39 photos from the race meeting at Zooomr.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Brisbane Food: Bishamon's $11.20 Lunch

Bishamon is a Japanese restaurant at 500 Boundary St, Spring Hill, on the corner of North St. It's just across the road from the International Hotel (the pub) and about 50 metres away from St Andrew's Hospital.
This entire lunch cost me $11.20. The food was $9 and the can of green tea was $2.20. There are six different lunches at that price, and another two for only fifty cents more.
 There are twenty different choices for lunch, and the most expensive is twelve dollars. So if you are in Spring Hill on a weekday from 11.30 to 2.30, you might want to have a look at Bishamon.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Brisbane Pride: Photos and Videos from the Pride Rally and March, June 14th 2008

The Brisbane Pride rally and march for FREEDOM was on yesterday, Saturday June 14th 2008. Here's some photos from the event and a video of the speeches from the march:

Dykes on Bikes lead the march - Queer Pride Rally and March, Saturday June 14th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-12

Queer Pride Rally and March, Saturday June 14th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-16

Queer Pride Rally and March, Saturday June 14th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-6

Angel - Queer Pride Rally and March, Saturday June 14th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-26

Gay Dads Brisbane - Queer Pride Rally and March, Saturday June 14th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-53

Queer Pride Rally and March, Saturday June 14th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-63

Female to Male Transgenders Queensland - Queer Pride Rally and March, Saturday June 14th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-73

Queer Street - Queer Pride Rally and March, Saturday June 14th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-77

You can see a full set of 78 photos from the march at Zooomr if you click here.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Brisbane Queer Pride Rally Speeches, Saturday June 14 2008

Speeches at the Queer Pride Rally held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on Saturday June 14th 2008.
Formats available: Windows Media (.wmv)

Brisbane Stickers - Thomas St, West End

I'm spending the day in West End after taking photos and videos of the Pride rally and march...These stickers are on the back of a street sign on the corner of Thomas and Vulture Streets, just up from the intersection of Vulture and Boundary Streets, the heart of West End.

Brisbane Pride - Homophobic Christians

Every time there is a Pride march there are a few judgemental emotional bullies trying to scare people into hating themselves. Here they are.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Brisbane Cheese: Big Cheese Bite Festival on SUNDAY

Brisbane's Big Cheese Bite, a day-long festival devoted to cheese, is on Sunday June 15th 2008, at Norm Buchan Park, Baroona Road, Paddington (see below for map).

There are all sorts of cheese to try and buy, lots of other gourmet food, salsa dance classs, an ABBA tribute band, and entertainment for the kids. Entrance is $17.50 for adults and $12.50 for children.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Brisbane Graffiti: Train at Albion

I was waiting for a train at Albion station today when this carriage pulled up with some artwork on it. So I pulled out my new cameraphone and grabbed a quick shot.

The new phone means I can bring you on-the-spot photos and videos when things are happening around Brisbane.

Brisbane Rocky Horror Picture Show: Friday June 13th at the Globe Cinema

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is on on Friday June 13th at Brisbane's cult cinema, the Globe Theatre, at 220 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley (see map below). The YouTube videos above by AbleProductions give you a look at the floorshow from one of the previous screenings there.

To book tickets, don't call the Globe, call Kristian Fletcher on 07 3397 5847 and have a credit card handy. Tickets are $13 and there might be a booking fee. There just might be some tickets available on the door on the night, but don't count on it.

Kristian has helpfully provided the Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Participation Script, split into four parts, so if you want to know exactly what to yell out right through the movie, have a look at:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

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Brisbane Queer: Violence Memorial Service this Friday, 6pm Southbank

This Friday at 6pm, there's a memorial service for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersexed people who have been victims of violence or who have been locked up because of their sexuality. The service has been organised by the Metropolitan Community Church Brisbane

"This moving service will embrace all spiritual journeys towards freedom and acceptance which builds bridges in liberating and uniting those that have been oppressed by hatred, disregard and violence All GLBTI people are invited to this interfaith candlelight vigil, please bring a single candle of remembrance and hope. Meet at the Nepalese Pagoda at South Bank Parklands at 6pm."

Brisbane Sports Cars: meet northside meet, originally uploaded by Danshaku.

This photo by flickr user Danshaku shows some of the sports cars that turned up for the fortnightly northside meet organised on the forums. is a website for lovers of sports cars - if you want to know what's going on in Brisbane, have a look at their Queensland forum, which you can see if you click here.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Brisbane Mountain Biking: The Gap

This YouTube vid by taxdodger75 shows "my mte greg going down his fav track near home.....great fun". The video says it's "The Gap Downhill Mountain Bike Trail", and I'm guessing that this trail at Mountain Bike Review is the one in the video.

If you'd like to find out more about mountain biking trails in Brisbane, click here to go to a list of trails in Australia. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to see three trails in Brisbane, and then click the "Next 50" button to see more.

Brisbane Music - Hot Liquid Sex

This video by YouTube user attractors shows Brisbane band Hot Liquid Sex performing their song "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" when they launched their EP, Unexpect The Expected, at The Zoo on May 24th.

You can click here to visit Hot Liquid Sex's MySpace page, and listen to three more of their songs. Hot Liquid Sex are playing next at Ric's Bar in the Brunswick St Mall, Fortitude Valley on June 12, 2008 - see map below.

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Monday, 2 June 2008

Brisbane Events: Queensland Week BBQ and Design Exhibition

This week is Queensland Week, which marks the anniversay of June 6, 1859, when Queen Victoria signed the forms which separated Queensland from New South Wales. There are plenty of events, and two of the biggest are the BBQ in the Roma Street Parklands next Sunday, and the qdos exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art.

The BBQ is on Sunday, 8th of June, at the Roma Street Parklands from 10.30am till 3.30pm. There is a free sausage sizzle (until the sausages run out), and other food and drink will be on sale. Free entertainment will include Dorothy the Dinosaur's Dance Show, and dance workshops in hip-hop, Polynesian and Indian musical comedy styles.

Another event is the qdos exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art, in the Southbank Cultural Centre. qdos stands for "Queensland Design on Show", and at the exhibition you can see some of Queensland's best designers, and the winners and finalists of the "Designer of the Year" competition. There's a people's choice award so you can vote for your favourite designs, or you can vote online at the qdos website. The exhibition runs from now till the 27th of June, but voting in the award closes on Thursday June 12th.

There are dozens of other events around Brisbane, so to find out what else is on visit the official Queensland Week website here.

The Gallery of Modern Art is marked with the red marker on the map below.

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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Brisbane Musicians: Villians of Wilhelm

Brisbane Music - Lords of Wong

This video by YouTube user Legsbenedict shows Brisbane rockers Lords of Wong covering the Rolling Stones track "Cocksucker Blues" last night at Rosies Bar in Spring Hill.

If you like what you hear, you can listen to 3 other Lords of Wong songs at their MySpace page.

Brisbane Photos: Seaside Shrooms with Boy on Bike

Seaside Shrooms with Boy on Bike, originally uploaded by Wilson X.

This photo by flickr user WilsonX really caught my eye. It's from the northern bayside suburb of Sandgate.

There are millions of photos on flickr, and far too many of them are merely cute, or use the old cliches of sunsets, flowers, children and so on. It takes quite a different photo to interest me, and this one certainly makes the cut. Hope you like it too.

Brisbane Graffiti: Vedas and Bats

vedas and bats by ~batsbats on deviantART

This piece of graffiti was posted to deviantart by ~batsbats, who also has a blog that you can look at if you click here.