Saturday, 31 May 2008

Brisbane Developments: Albion Station and the Defiance Mill

This photo by flickr user HelenPalsson shows the old Defiance flour mill and wheat silos in the background, next to Albion rail station, in the inner-northern suburbs of Brisbane.

This site is being developed into a new high-density block of apartments, with cafes, shops and offices to be part of the plan. Brisbane blogger Derek Barry at Woolly Days has a detailed report on this sort of development, how it has worked in other parts of the world and what it might mean for Brisbane.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Brisbane Booksales: Lifeline Bookfest June 7 - 10

The Lifeline bookfest is coming around again. It will be on the Queen's Brithday long weekend, from Saturday June 7th to Tuesday June 10th. As ususal there will be over a million second-hand books for sale, some at ridiculously low prices. If you want to stock up on some reading, this is the place to be.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Brisbane Zombies: ZombieWalk 2008

Brisbane Zombie Walk 2008, originally uploaded by lifemusicmedia.

On Sunday May 25th, the 2008 Brisbane Zombie Walk shuffled around once again. This photo is from flickr user lifemusicmedia, and flickr user cindytoo has heaps more photos if you click here.. And if you click here there are plenty more photos from other people on flickr.

There are also a couple of videos on YouTube of the walk (well, the first one is of people singing in their car on the way to the walk. They're in costume though):

Unfortunately there was an injury at the ZombieWalk this year as someone tried to crowdsurf, landed on someone else and hurt her neck. You can click here to read the post here on her livejournal explaining exactly what happened. She's out of hospital, but damnit people BE CAREFUL!! This sort of stupidity is what makes it harder and harder to do anything without paying for insurance and having a team of lawyers on call.

UPDATE: YouTube user OzShadow has made a five-minute video with lots of pictures from the day, and set it to music:

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Brisbane Dance: Zouk Nights Dancers

Brisbane Kites: Clontarf Kite Fest Photos

Clontarf Kite Feist 2008-07+, originally uploaded by cindytoo.

The Clontarf Kite Fest, organised by the Redcliffe Kite Club is on this weekend - it's still going today if you want to head to Pelican Park at Clontarf (click here for a Google Map).

This photo from flickr user cindytoo shows some of the giant kites that are being flown. If you click here you can see more of cindytoo's photos of kites.

Brisbane YouTube: Last Night's Storm

These two videos, from YouTube users portantwas and Brisbren are of the big storm that blew through Brisbane last night, May 17th 2008.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Brisbane Photos: PhotosXFour Exhbition at the Brisbane Powerhouse

Flickr user G205 writes:

"In the coming weeks I will be exhibiting a number of my portraits at the Brisbane Powerhouse. They will be exhibited as part of 'photosXfour', a collaboration of four Brisbane Photographers and four unique commercial styles. Over 40 images are on show, and cover genres from editoiral style fashion to urban landscapes. Hope to see you there!!!

Exhibited at Brisbane Powerhouse
Lamington Street, New Farm
19th of May to 6th of June, 2008"

Click here for a Google Map

Brisbane YouTube - Behind The City

I liked this YouTube clip by user stephenparis. Its a collection of Brisbane video clips that manages to avoid all the usual cliches and gives you an idea of what the inner city of Brisbane looks like.

Brisbane Firemen: Autopro Fire in Moorooka, March 13 2008

Back on March 13 2008, there was a fire at the AutoPro warehouse in Baldock St, Moorooka (click here for a Google Map).

This YouTube video by exoto66, has six minutes of footage from the fire, showing Queensland Fire and Rescue Service crews at work.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Brisbane Festivals - Paniyiri Greek Festival 2008 THIS WEEKEND, May 17-18

The Paniyiri Greek Festival is on this weekend at Musgrave Park and the Greek Club, West End (click here for a Google Map).

Admission is $7 for people 13+, $2 for pensioners and children are free. The festival starts at 2pm on Saturday and 10pm on Sunday.

If you'd like to see photos from last year's Paniyiri, you can click here for food, here for people and here for the Greek Dancing with the Stars contest, hosted by Effie. You can buy a book of photos from last year's Paniyiri here at Brisbane Books, and this is a video I made last year of the Greek Dancing with the Stars contest, and some great belly dancing:

Monday, 12 May 2008

Brisbane Shore Leave - USS Cleveland docked at Brisbane

USS Cleveland Brisbane Port-1+, originally uploaded by cindytoo.

This photo by flickr user cindytoo shows the USS Cleveland (LPD-7), an Austin-class amphibious transport dock docked in Brisbane (at the cruise ship terminal in Hamilton, just off Kingsford-Smith Drive). The Cleveland is in Brisbane until Thursday, May 15th, and members of the crew took part in the anniversary ceremony to remember the 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea.

For more information see this article in the Brisbane Times.

Brisbane Creative Commons: FREE Conference June 24th, State Library.

Via Twitter user Felix42:

Creative Commons Australia is putting on a FREE conference on June 24th at the State Library. The conference is called "Building an Australasian Commons - click here for details and to see the conference program.

Creative Commons is all about letting people use your work legally without paying for it. The idea is that this helps people to be creative and makes our culture richer. You can choose different Creative Commons licences for your work - you can let people use your work as long as they give you credit, or you can let people use your work for non-commercial uses only, or you can tell people that they can't change your work.

You can download the registration form if you click here (it's a PDF file). And if you find Adobe Reader a very slow and clunky way to read your PDF files, you might want to check out the free Foxit Reader, which is much smaller and faster.

Brisbane Billycarts - Billycart Championships, Sunday May 18

Via the Life In Brisbane blog:

The Brisbane Billycart Championships are on next Sunday, May 18th, in Carindale.

Brisbane Billycart Championships is back! Brisbane’s biggest
billycart championships are held on a grass track and kids of all ages
(including adults) from all over Brisbane are invited to make and race
their own billycart.

    Prizes will be awarded for:
  • Fastest Billycart
  • Winners of Age Categories
  • Most Imaginative Design
  • Best Stack
  • And of course, the return of the hugely successful Mascot Race.

Don’t have a billycart?

Don’t worry! You can come along and watch the race, stay for lunch and a jammed pack day of entertainment.

  • Who will be this year’s Billycart Champion?
  • Who will win the Mascot Race?
  • You’ll only know if you go!

Admission is FREE!

Registration from 9.00am, racing, food stalls and entertainment 10.00am to 3.00pm

Brisbane Billycart Championships 2008 will be held at the Carindale Recreation Reserve, Cadogan Street, Carindale - click here to see a Google Map.

Brisbane Otaku - Animania Festival Video

YouTube user supremeneil made this video. It's from the Animania festival held the Brisbane Holiday Inn on Saturday, May 10th. The main feature of the video is all the cosplay from the festival.

There's a report of the festival at, and if you're into this, you might want to have a look at the Queensland Cosplay Meetup forum.

The Animania Festival will return to Brisbane on September 20th this year.

Squall Cosplay by ~Jessie04104 on deviantART

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Brisbane Politics: Anonymous Anti-Scientology Rally May 10 2008

Report on the "Anonymous" anti-Church Of Scientology "Fair Game Stop" rally and march held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on May 10 2008.
Formats available: Windows Media (.wmv)

Brisbane Anonymous, the Brisbane branch of the worldwide movement dedicated to exposing the activities of the "Church" of Scientology, held a rally and march today in Brisbane City. The protestors wore their trademark masks, to hide their identity from the "Church", so they could avoid retribution.

Corner of Albert and Elizabeth Streets - Anonymous' 'Fair Game Stop' Anti-Scientology Protest, May 10th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-33

The marchers gathered in Post Office Square, and marched to Brisbane Square, along Queen, Edward, Elizabeth and George Streets. At Brisbane Square they handed out leaflets and showbags to the public and spoke out against the actions of the "Church of Scientology".

Anonymous' 'Fair Game Stop' Anti-Scientology Protest, May 10th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-42

The theme of today's rally was "Fair Game Stop", which highlights the "Church" of Scientology's "Fair Game" policy, which means active members of the "Church" are encouraged to harass the "Church"'s opponents by any means deemed necessary. This has included forging bomb threats so that they appeared to come from Paulette Cooper, a journalist hostile to the "Church", as part of "Operation Freakout". Cooper's book "The Scandal of Scientology" can be read here.

Cat addresses the crowd - Anonymous' 'Fair Game Stop' Anti-Scientology Protest, May 10th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-57

Speakers at the rally told of the abuse that some members of the "Church" of Scientology have suffered.

Redshirt - Anonymous' 'Fair Game Stop' Anti-Scientology Protest, May 10th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-56

For more information on Brisbane Anonymous, click here. If you'd like to see the photos I used to make the above video, click here to see the photoset at Zooomr. And by the way, the shirt this guy is wearing is available if you click here (and no, I'm not making any money off this link, it's just so damn cool I had to pass it on)

Aphex Twin and Rick Astley - Anonymous' 'Fair Game Stop' Anti-Scientology Protest, May 10th 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-15

For more information on why Rick Astley is better than the Church of Scientology, click here.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Brisbane Music - Aczim

This YouTube clip uploaded by AllDefWreckerz is Brisbane-based hip-hop artist Aczim performing "What Is It" at Rosie's Bar, 18 Little Edward St, Spring Hill (Click here for a Google Map)

You can hear more of Aczim's tracks if you click here and visit his MySpace page, and there is a link there to buy his "Outspoken" EP for A$13.

You can also see Aczim here at Triple J's Unearthed site, and here at SoundClick.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Brisbane Paste Ups - West End

Brisbane Graffiti - Another Grey Box

Another Grey Box by ~simonehudson on deviantART

This graffito is on the side of a building being put up on the corner of Adelaide and George Streets, in the city.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Brisbane Politics - Cyclist Protest Ride by CBDBUG

Via Public Polity:

Call TONIGHT if you want to go on this ride - the phone number is below.

Calling all cyclists who are fed up with Local and State Government failures to provide safe and direct routes for Brisbane cyclists.

Detours of bikeways due to major infrastructure projects like the North South Bypass Tunnel, AirportLink and Northern Busway are severely impacting upon the ability of cyclists to ride in safety, particularly on Brisbane’s north side - which is already poorly served for cycling access.

A protest ride is being organised by the Central Business District Bicycle User Group (CBDBUG) to highlight the frustrations of cyclists and the dangers we face.

Time: Friday 9 May 2008. 4:15pm for a 4:30pm start.

Meeting Point: Corner Gregory Tce and Bowen Bridge Rd Herston

Route: Bowen Bridge Rd Herston to Federation St Lutwyche and back to Gregory Tce (Total Distance: 3km)

(Click here for a Google Map of the starting point and the route)

The ride is pro-cycling, not anti-infrastructure development (although we would like a more balanced development)

A media release will be organised as part of the protest, highlighting these issues - we need a decent turnout by cyclists riding on the day to really make our point.

The ride will not go ahead unless we have at least 20 confirmed starters, so please RSVP to John Lister on or 0428 667 827 by Wednesday 7 May 2008.

All riders must adhere to Qld Road Rules and ensure that you:

* Wear an approved and fastened bike helmet at all times
* Have a bell or horn in working order
* Do not ride more than two abreast

For more information on the CBD BUG visit us at or the CBDBUG blog at, or email

Brisbane Photos - Eagle Street

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Brisbane Tunnels - Inner Northern Busway Open Day Pictures

I went to the open day at the Inner Northern Busway today, where people could walk through the tunnel that connects the new King George Square busway station to Roma Street station and beyond. Several thousand people were there when I was there - I got to King George Square in time for the 10am opening, and left Roma Street transit centre at about 11.15am.

Happy People - Inner Northern Busway Open Day, Sunday May 4th 2008-48

The busway is a great idea. It means that the CityTrain network, the South-East Busway and the Inner Northern busway are now linked up to each other. You can get off a train at Roma Street and connect via bus to the Queen Street station under the Myer Centre, or you can do the reverse. This means that no longer will you have to walk up the hill that separates Central Station from Adelaide and Queen Streets (the main shopping streets in Brisbane). Buses from the south-east and the north can now duck underneath the ridiculous traffic in the city centre, which means they might start being on time more often.

Lollipop 'Ladies' 1 - Inner Northern Busway Open Day, Sunday May 4th 2008-2

And an even better idea is the King George Square Cycle Centre,which is underneath the Ann Street entrance of the station. There are hundreds of bike racks, ten or fif teen showers (in each of the male and female shower rooms), and a dedicated entrance on Roma Street, just under the Turbot Street bridge (click here for a Google Map). You'll be able to ride your bike right up to the door, have a shower, leave it in a rack, and catch a connecting bus to work - or walk out straight onto Adelaide or Ann streets and walk to work.

Cycle Centre - Inner Northern Busway Open Day, Sunday May 4th 2008-35

There was plenty of free stuff to grab today. There were showbags being given out - the bags were orange coloured, and the same sort of material that supermarkets sell as 'green bags' these days. I also got a cotton hat (not bad quality), some free fairy floss, a drink bottle, a cardboard bus to make and put on my mantlepiece, some excellent, detailed, free maps of Brisbane, and a free Go Card. There was no money on the card, unfortunately, but it will be good to have one that I don't have to pay $15 for.

Free Fairy Floss - Inner Northern Busway Open Day, Sunday May 4th 2008-57

I won't use the Go Card much - I did the sums when it was announced and I realised that it was much better value to have a weekly paper ticket (seven days unlimited travel for the price of four daily tickets) than to use the Go Card's half-price option after six trips in a Monday to Sunday period. The Go Card breaks even with that deal if you take ten trips a week, so if you travel to and from work and then use the weekly ticket even once on the weekend, you are ahead. And with the weekly ticket you have the security of knowing that you can use if for no extra cost if you need to make an unexpected journey.

Dancers - Inner Northern Busway Open Day, Sunday May 4th 2008-55

The photos in this article are some of the ones I took today. If you'd like to see more, click here to go to the set at Zooomr where you can see about sixty photos from today.

Or if you want a souvenir of today's open day, you can buy a 20-page photobook from Brisbane Books - click here to see more.

There's already a few photos from other Brisbanites up on the internet, including flickr users smurfie_77, stephenk1977, David de Groot, and allan_nielsen

Fish and Kids - Inner Northern Busway Open Day, Sunday May 4th 2008-32

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Brisbane Politics: May 1968 Seminar, Friday 16th May, Ahimsa House, West End

Via Public Polity:

Paris 68-08. Was 1968 the most revolutionary year of the 20th Century?

When: 16th May, Friday 6:30pm

Where: Emma Goldman Room, Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St, West End (Click here for a Google Map)

A forum on the world-wide struggles and themes which were raised in that year and have continued through to the present.

Speakers from these sponsoring groups:

Brisbane Labour History Association, Institute for Social Ecology, Rank
and File Group, 17 Group, The Greens, Indigenous Activists.

Speakers will include:

There will be ample opportunity for participation from the body of
the meeting. All are welcome to speak in this two hour seminar on 1968
and the late 60s generally. Live music and records from the time. BYO
and food available.

Contact: Brian Laver
Institute for Social Ecology
Contact: Tel: (07) 3846 5077

Friday, 2 May 2008

Brisbane Art - Comix Jam, Wed May 28th, The Alibi Room, New Farm

Comix Jam Flyer by ~Grointhief on deviantART

This looks like it will be interesting - a Comix Jam, where artists get together and create comics.

The results of the last jam are here (not suitable for work or young people)

It's in the basement at the Alibi Room, 720 Brunswick St New Farm (click here for a Google Map).

According to the deviantART page where I found this, it will be on once a month.

Brisbane Photos: Brisbane Square - lookin' up.

Brisbane Square - lookin' up., originally uploaded by obLiterated.

Found this photo by Flickr user obLiterated just now. Thought it was a really original shot of a common building, Brisbane Square (the new-ish city council building)

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Brisbane Politics - Anonymous' AntiScientology March, Saturday May 10th.

Via the Brisbane Anonymous website (but I put the links in):

In Anonymous’ continuing efforts against the Cult of Scientology, Anonymous is holding its fourth global protest. Taking place on May 10th, it will be aimed at exposing the tactics used by the Cult of Scientology to silence its critics and media investigating the cult.

The Brisbane chapter of Anonymous will be marching through the streets of Brisbane in support of this message, and members of the media and the public are welcomed to join in with us.

Fair Game Stop will be a parody on the name ‘Fair Game’ and thus a ‘Game’ and ‘Computer Game’ styling will be prevalent.

When: 10:30am to 3pm May 10

Assembly Point: Post Office Square - Assembling at 10:30, speeches at 10:45 and marching at 11. (Click here for a Google Map)

Marching to: Brisbane Square, along Elizabeth Street.

Marching back: 2:30pm to Post Office Square again, along Adelaide Street, with speeches etc.

  • Masks
  • Flyers
  • Signs (No wooden sticks please)
  • Something game related (Games will be played on the day)
  • Food/water
  • A fun attitude