Monday, 3 November 2008

Brisbane Public Lecture: The Financial Crisis and What it Means for You TONIGHT at City Hall

Economist and Brisbane blogger John Quiggin is giving a lecture called "The Financial Crisis and What it Means for You" TONIGHT, Monday November 3rd, at 6.30pm at the Ithaca Auditorium at Brisbane City Hall, King George Square (see Google Map below):

The financial crisis that has overwhelmed banks, stock markets and governments around the world seemed, to many, to come out of nowhere. But it has its roots in policies and financial innovations going back several decades, to the breakdown of the previous global financial system amid the inflation and mass unemployment of the 1970s. The current crisis is likely to have equally profound implications for individuals, families and business and for the way in which the economy will be managed in the future. It is too early to tell for sure what these implications will be, but John Quiggin will have a go anyway.

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