Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Brisbane Giant Puppet Photos: Giant Puppet seen in Queen Street, City

This rather odd giant girl marionette has been seen in Brisbane's Queen Street over the last few days. Apparently, the giant girl doll is all part of a TV commercial being made for Allens Lollies - click here to see an article at the Brisbane Times about it.

The picture above was taken by flickr user Dylan-K and the one below was taken by a.lex

There's more pictures of the giant girl puppet from flickr users zombietron, shonkathan and rockfotze.

UPDATE: rockfotze also made a video of the giant girl puppet which gives you a good idea of just how tall she was:

The story of the giant marionette has also been blogged at The Bludger and Spirits Dancing.


JohnJohnBoi said...

How strange...i bet the ad is a masterpiece though...how creative

David J said...

@JohnJohnBoi it is a bit weird, isn't it - but yeah, it looks like it will be a pretty memorable ad!

A.lex said...

Hahaha! So that's what that was about. Just your average day in the city :) Thanks for appreciating my photo!

David J said...

Hey A.lex, no worries. Thanks for putting the photo on Flickr!