Friday, 5 February 2010

Brisbane Meetups: #btub Twitter meetup is on tonight, February 5th, @greystonebar

If you're a Twitter user in Brisbane, you might have heard of the monthly #btub meetups. #btub stands for Brisbane Twitter Underground Brigade, although it's not very underground any more.

If you'd like to meet some new people in Brisbane you should come along. The #btub meetup kicks off at 6pm and usually goes through till 2 or 3 on Saturday morning, and it's at the Greystone Bar, 166 Grey St South Brisbane. It's just across Grey St from the Southbank 5 Cinemas - click here for a Google Map.

Here's a slideshow of pictures from the last btub meetup night in early December 2009. If you can't see the slideshow, click here to see the photos:

I won't be there till maybe 1 am this time, because I'll be at work then I'm going to see The Lovebuckles play at 11pm at the Music Kafe, but if you want to know more about the event, feel free to send a reply to either of my Twitter accounts, @brisbaneblog or @djackmanson, or of course you can leave a comment here. You can also follow the Greystone Bar twitter account, and the btub twitter account if you like.

BTUB regulars The Lovebuckles will play at the Music Kafe in West End at 11pm - some people will be walking up from Greystone Bar to West End.

The best way to get to Greystone Bar by public transport is to either catch a bus to the Southbank bus station, or a train to Southbank train station, both right near Grey St. If you catch a train make sure you don't get off at South Brisbane, which is one stop north of Southbank. Greystone Bar, the train station and bus station are all shown on this Google Map if you click here. If you need to know bus or train times, you can use Translink's public transport journey planner.

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