Friday, 19 March 2010

New Proposal: Shut All Licenced Brisbane Venues at 4am on Weekends @qldlockedout

A new proposal (pdf file - see p ix) would force all licenced venues in Brisbane to shut at 4am on weekends, and to not let anyone in after 2am. The proposal, made by a committee of the Queensland Parliament, has already been opposed by the Queensland Locked Out (QLO) organisation.

QLO's Zach Salar said the organisation would fight the proposals, and would organise a protest rally. QLO have already held one protest rally, last week, outside Parliament House.

Attendees at Queensland Locked Out Rally, Parliament House, George and Alice Sts Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia 100311-15

Last week's protest against the proposed early venue shutdown

The committee's report comes after the Queensland Police Union wanted venues to close at 2am and lock people out at midnight (pdf file - see p 73). Currently venues must close at 5am and must not let anyone in after 3am. The report recommends the lockout be extended to 2am, and venues close earlier, despite saying on page 53 that "There has been little evaluation of the lockout and there is no persuasive evidence that it has reduced the incidence of alcohol-related violence significantly"

The current lock-out does not apply to the casino (pdf file), which is owned by Tabcorp, which is part-owned by the Queensland Government's Queensland Investment Corporation.

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