Monday, 17 May 2010

Brisbane Roller Derby: Brisbane City Rollers Fresh Meat day, May 23 2010

On Sunday May 23 2010, Brisbane City Rollers are holding a Fresh Meat day - a day for people (ages 18+ only, sorry) new to roller derby to come and try the sport out and see if they'd like to join a serious league. Brisbane City Rollers is unique in Queensland as they have a league for men and women - most roller derby leagues are women-only.

Brisbane City Rollers is Brisbane's newest Roller Derby League (the other two leagues are the Northern Brisbane Rollers and Sun State Roller Girls). Brisbane City Rollers train at Bundamba in Brisbane's western suburbs, on the outskirts of Ipswich.

The Fresh Meat day is from 4.45 pm - 6.45 pm, and it's $12 for the session. If you don't have skates or protective gear you can hire them for an extra $10. (You have to wear the protective gear to train).

If you're thinking of going, BCR has a heap of info on this page about what to expect at your Fresh Meat session. For more info you can also email, or have a look at the Brisbane City Rollers fan page on Facebook.

This video shows off what happened at the Fresh Meat session last September:

The Fresh Meat session is at the Bundamba Skateaway, 21 Agnes St, Bundamba, about a 200m walk from the Bundama train station - click here for a Google Map. If you need to find train timetables, click here to use Translink's public transport journey planner

(Oh, and apparently you say "Derby" to rhyme with "Herbie", not "Darby". This means you can make jokes like saying "Talk derby to me")


Anonymous said...

hey it's earthcat
I loved the vid
Hot damn before the accidents I would have been able to ummmm roll (or jump i thought) all over the girls. Damn I could teach (if i still could skate) some quad skate jump and dance moves that would give a team an edge... doh... stupid taxi cabs

Sailor Mouth Soaps said...

Wooohoo great article!

Charisse said...

ha ha funny to see all the old fresh meat and now they are the pro's !