Sunday, 3 February 2008

Brisbane Photos - "Impact" by MousyBoyWithGlasses

Impact, originally uploaded by MousyBoyWithGlasses.

This photo by flickr user MousyBoyWithGlasses is:

"A dented window in the building that used to be Scientology HQ in Brisbane."

Click on the photo or click here to see it on Flickr, where you can download it, see larger sizes, leave comments on it and more.

The photo has been released under a Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons licence.

This means that MousyBoyWithGlasses has given everyone permission to use the photo (even for commercial purposes), and alter it, under two conditions:

1) He has to be attributed as the author of the photo
2) If you alter the work, you have to distribute your work under the same licence.

If you want to see a collection of about 9 000 photos of Brisbane that are available for commercial use under a Creative Commons licence, click here.

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