Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Brisbane Zombies: ZombieWalk 2008

Brisbane Zombie Walk 2008, originally uploaded by lifemusicmedia.

On Sunday May 25th, the 2008 Brisbane Zombie Walk shuffled around once again. This photo is from flickr user lifemusicmedia, and flickr user cindytoo has heaps more photos if you click here.. And if you click here there are plenty more photos from other people on flickr.

There are also a couple of videos on YouTube of the walk (well, the first one is of people singing in their car on the way to the walk. They're in costume though):

Unfortunately there was an injury at the ZombieWalk this year as someone tried to crowdsurf, landed on someone else and hurt her neck. You can click here to read the post here on her livejournal explaining exactly what happened. She's out of hospital, but damnit people BE CAREFUL!! This sort of stupidity is what makes it harder and harder to do anything without paying for insurance and having a team of lawyers on call.

UPDATE: YouTube user OzShadow has made a five-minute video with lots of pictures from the day, and set it to music:

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