Monday, 12 May 2008

Brisbane Creative Commons: FREE Conference June 24th, State Library.

Via Twitter user Felix42:

Creative Commons Australia is putting on a FREE conference on June 24th at the State Library. The conference is called "Building an Australasian Commons - click here for details and to see the conference program.

Creative Commons is all about letting people use your work legally without paying for it. The idea is that this helps people to be creative and makes our culture richer. You can choose different Creative Commons licences for your work - you can let people use your work as long as they give you credit, or you can let people use your work for non-commercial uses only, or you can tell people that they can't change your work.

You can download the registration form if you click here (it's a PDF file). And if you find Adobe Reader a very slow and clunky way to read your PDF files, you might want to check out the free Foxit Reader, which is much smaller and faster.


Sam Clifford said...

I would be there if it wasn't in the middle of exams.

David J said...

Watch this space...I plan to do as much reporting from there as one person can.