Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Brisbane Political Junkies: USA Election Watch Party, Jubilee Hotel, Wed Nov 5 9.30am

Some Brisbane political junkies have set up an election watch party on Wednesday November 5th at the Jubilee Hotel, 470 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley (see below for a Google Map). The party starts at 9.30am - this is 6.30pm Tuesday in New York and 3.30pm Tuesday in Los Angeles, so the first results should just be starting to come in. There's a small charge - about $10 - to go in, as they've set up wi-fi so anyone can take a laptop along and get online. You can buy drinks and pub food, too .

Well-known political commentator Possum from the Pollytics blog will be there - he's provided more depth than anyone in the media when discussing Australian opinion polls

If you're interested you should click here and leave a comment so they know how many people are coming. The Jubilee Hotel is about five minutes walk from the Fortitude Valley/Brunswick St train station, or you can catch a 301 bus from the Cultural Centre, or Adelaide St, and get off at the bus stop on the corner of Constance St and St Pauls Terrace, about twenty seconds' walk from the Jubilee. You can also catch the 320 from Stop 142, Edward St in the city, outside the Macarthur Central shopping centre, right near the corner of Elizabeth St - get off at the same place.

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