Thursday, 2 October 2008

Brisbane Art: Under the Influence: Art & Music Exhibition

A friend suggested I go and see the Under The Influence exhibition today at the QUT Gardens Point Gallery (map at the bottom of this post). It's an exhibition about how art and music fit together.

The artist who really struck me more than any other was Soda_Jerk. One of their pieces was this collage of a Michael Jackson album cover:

Bad album cover by Soda Jerk

I overheard an "Oh My God" when someone else was looking at this one, too.

Soda_Jerk also had two videos playing, one calledAstro Black: A History of Hip Hop (Episode 1),where some of the most famous early turntable hip-hop artists learn their craft from aliens, and Dawn of Remix -  the scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey where apes learn to use bones are remixed so the apes are learning scratching techniques instead.

I also liked Isobel Knowles' videos. Isobel Knowles used to be with the band Architecture in Helsinki, and she now makes music videos like this one, "My Old Ways", for Dr. Dog:

Dr. Dog - My Old Ways
Download Music Video Code at

If you click here you can see the rest of Isobel Knowles' videos, including the other two played at the exhibition. They were called "One Windy Afternoon" and "and you don't stop", which was 8-bit graphic heaven.

There were also two pieces by Danius Kesminas, called "(Meta)Physical Graffiti" and "Houses of the Holy":

Houses of the Holy sculpture at Under The Influence exhibition.3GP from

If that's enough to get you interested, the Under The Influence: Art and Music show is at the QUT Art Museum until November 16th 2008. There are also some public talks and viewings: you can meet Soda_Jerk on Wednesday October 8th from 6pm - 7pm, and you can see their movie "Pixel Pirate II: Attack of the Astro Elvis Video Clone" on Saturday October 11th from 2pm - 3pm:

The year is 3001 and the ancient art of remix is being oppressed by the evil tyrant Moses and his Copyright Commandments. Meanwhile, in a secret base-camp on the moon a team of Pixel Pirates plot to overthrow Moses by their latest scientific discovery: video cloning.

Yeah. I could be up for that.

The QUT Art Museum is at the Gardens Point campus, near the Botanical Gardens in the city. It's near Parliament House - if you get to the end of George St and just keep on walking past Parliament House, the Art Museum is the third building on your right hand side. There's a good map here that shows you where it is, or just use this Google Map:

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On weekdays during the day you can catch the free City Loop bus which stops at the corner of George and Alice Sts, right near Parliament House and only a few minutes walk from the QUT Art Museum. At nights or the weekend, you really have to make your own way down George St, or maybe catch the CityCat ferry to the QUT Gardens Point stop. If you do that, you'll have to make your way through the campus from the ferry stop.

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