Thursday, 18 June 2009

Brisbane Suburb Photos: Annerley Junction

I went to Annerley Junction yesterday to take some photos - it's the part of Annerley where Annerley Road meets Ipswich Road (click here for a Google Map).

I wanted to go because I travel though here on the bus to work, and some of the little shops looked interesting. There are four op-shops (thrift stores), a community bookshop, a couple of cafes, and two comic shops.

I had morning tea at one of the cafes called Groove Cafe - they had a good $6 deal with coffee and homemade cake (I chose the ginger and date cake with caramel sauce). I also bought two books from the bookshop, Ten Days That Shook The World, and Gorky Park. The two books cost me $7 in total.

There's a slideshow of the photos I took here:

or if you can't see the slideshow click here to see the set on Flickr.

I've released the photos under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, which means you can use them for any reason, including commercial purposes, as long as you credit However I didn't get model releases, so you can't use the ones which show people's faces for commercial reasons, unless you track the people down and get their permission too.


Austories said...

Hey. That's a neat collection. Like the skull followed by the batman game. Of course, Annerly is the source of Brisbane's much loved 'Over the Top with Jim'. The family bakery was in that shopping centre.

David J said...

Thanks, glad you liked the photos. They've been more popular than I thought they would be.

I've only lived in Brisbane since the end of 2002 so I don't know about "Over the Top with Jim" - where can I find out more about that?

Austories said...

Hugh Lunn is the author. He grew up in Annerly. He was a journo and now author.

Baby Boomers and their parents, generally speaking, loved 'Over the Top with Jim' as it summed up that period of the 1950s, 60s 70s etc so well and so ironically and, for them, irreverently.