Friday, 22 January 2010

Brisbane Film Making: West End Film Festival is looking for movies

The West End Film Festival is looking for Australian short films to show at the Festival on Sunday March 28th 2010 at the Rumpus Room in Russel St, West End. Films need to be submitted by Friday February 12th 2010. They say they're looking for all genres and they encourage you to enter if it's your first time making a film, and they also actively encourage "Aboriginal, queer, political, punk, experimental, and creative filmmakers".

You can download the entry form here (pdf file). I had a quick look at the terms and conditions and they seem OK (of course, I'm not a lawyer) - you don't give up your rights to your film, the festival just gets the right to use your film to promote the festival. You can also follow the West End Film Festival on Twitter, or become a fan of the Festival on Facebook.

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