Monday, 13 July 2009

Brisbane Creative Commons Photos by Certified Su: Valley meets City meets Spring Hill

I'm always interested in photos of Brisbane that show it from a different angle. There are so many photos of the Riverside Expressway, the Story Bridge and the Brisbane Eye that when I see yet another one I yawn and move on. So these three photos by Flickr user certified_su really caught my eye - in fact, I first saw the top one and commented on how much I liked it, only to find out about the other two.

The photos were taken from the Mantra hotel, which is above the SSS Steakhouse at the corner of Queen St and Ann St - click here for a Google Map.

The photo shows the junction of Queen St, Boundary St, Ann St and Wickham St, at the point where Fortitude Valley, Spring Hill and Brisbane City meet at a single point. This is a crucial junction for traffic going to and from both the New Farm/Teneriffe area, and also to the inner north-eastern suburbs like Hamilton, Ascot and Eagle Farm. It's busy in peak hour and often gets clogged with traffic - Brisbane has plenty of choke points for vehicles, and this is one of them.

The larger green space right in the middle of the picture is Centenary Place, a very nice park right in the heart of the busy traffic fumes of this major intersection, which offers a place to relax. The park includes a statue dedicated to the memory of Scottish poet Robert Burns.

The first photo was taken at 6 minutes past 5pm on June 19 2009, and the second one 28 minutes later, showing how quick sunset comes in a city as far north as Brisbane. The third photo was taken about thirteen hours after the second, at 6.25 on the morning of June 20, showing the same intersection absolutely deserted - I bet it didn't stay that way for long.

certified_su has licenced this photo under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, which means you can use it for any reason you like as long as you give certified_su credit and link to the page where the photo originally is.

For more info on Creative Commons in Australia, see the CCau website.

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