Thursday, 2 July 2009

New to Twitter in Brisbane? Come to a @btub meet up TONIGHT, Friday July 3, @greystonebar, Southbank

Laura from Greystone Bar

So, you've just signed up to Twitter recently and you're still wondering what the point of it all is? Well, one of the things Twitter people in Brisbane do is have a big meet-up once a month. It's called #btub (which stands for Brisbane Twitter Underground Brigade) and it's at Greystone Bar in Southbank, in between Grey St and Little Stanley St, opposite the Imax Cinema on Grey St (click here for a Google Map).

This month's #btub meetup is on Friday July 3, and starts at Greystone Bar at 6pm and will go through as long as people hang around (last month people were there till about 2am).

One of the great things about #btub is that there are no official leaders. People run smaller btub events as well, and if you think there should be an event, just announce it. If people are interested, they'll turn up, and you've got a #btub.

If you want to keep track of what btub events are on, you can either:

Join the BTUB group on Facebook
Follow @btub on Twitter
Follow the #btub hashtag on Twitter (what on earth is a hashtag? Click here for more info)

There are also plenty of photos from btub events on flickr - you can see the btub group photos here or search for photos tagged with btub here.

I won't be there tomorrow night until quite late, as I have to work until midnight :( But turn up, say hi, introduce yourselves and meet some friendly new people.

Some friendly btubbers

This is me at a btub.

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