Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Brisbane Blogs: Brisneyland gets the Spotlight in LiveJournal!

The Brisneyland community on LiveJournal has been featured in the "LJ Spotlight" group for January 12th 2009. LJ Spotlight features communities on LiveJournal which are using LiveJournal in a unique or compelling way.

I love the Brisneyland community. It's full of helpful people - people in Brisbane have posted all sorts of strange requests for help or info, and it's amazing just how much knowledge gets dug up. In just the last few days, people have found out where to get small film cannisters to use as cigarette butt bins, what to do about changing your name when you've just got married, where to buy tempeh, and I got help when I was trying to arrange a free meeting space at quite short notice.

If you're in Brisbane, thinking of moving here, or just love the place, I really really think you should check out the great people at Brisneyland.


Natalie said...

When I got the email from the lj spotlight people last week, I was a little scared because I was worried lots of socks and trolls would come and destroy the lovely little place we've all made! A few days in... and it's been ok!

David J said...

I guess most trolls etc would find it hard to think of a way to attack Brisneyland. I mean how do you troll a post about tempeh? Start a vicious flamewar about the merits of silken vs firm tofu?

Since Brisneyland doesn't have *that* many arguments, it's not really ripe territory for those losers. Now, if it were a community set up to debate whether the Borg would defeat the Galactic Empire and if so, which Dr Who the Borg would think is hotter*, we'd be in trouble.

*Ten, obviously, If you don't agree with me, you're a retard :P