Sunday, 4 January 2009

Brisbane Swamp Music: The Medicine Show play The Joynt, Sat 10th Jan.

The Medicine Show say they play "Swamp Music". Acording to their MySpace page, it sounds like:

the hottest wettest most nasty swamp you've ever even heard tell about. Crocs,snakes that'll crawl right up the inside of your leg and skeeters big enough to strip the living flesh from a grown man's arm. A tar paper shack with a boiled ham hanging in a sack in the shade of the willow tree. fear aching love pain running from the cops cos you just know they's gonna put you in jail again

If you visit their MySpace page you can hear three of their songs, or have a look at this YouTube video of their track "This Father's Son":

The Medicine Show play The Joynt at 8pm on Saturday January 10th 2009. The Joynt is at 48 Montague Rd, South Brisbane - click here to see a map of where they are.

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