Friday, 9 January 2009

Brisbane Emergency(?): Fire Alarm causes Busway evacuation yesterday

Emergency(?), originally uploaded by obLiterated.

This photo by Flickr user obLiterated shows the scene yesterday morning as the Queen St, King George Square and Roma Street Busway Stations on the Inner Northern Busway were evacuated. The evacuation happened because a fire alarm went off - it turned out to be a false alarm, reports the Brisbane Times.

obLiterated says:

"On the way in to town on the bus this morning, the 2-way radio started telling the driver that the Queen Street bus station, trhen the King George Sq bus station then the Roma St Bus Station were being evacuated and closed. No obvious reason, just "don't come here" messages.

We got into town and the entrances were closed, fire alarms sounding and general mayhem ensuing. "

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