Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Brisbane Creative Commons Photos: Kei apples

Kei apples, originally uploaded by Tatters :).

This photo was taken by Flickr user Tatters_:). She says:

Kei apples

Dovyalis caffra
Small spiny tree of Salicaceae family.
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Kei apples are native to Africa, where it is called Umkokola, Amaqokolo and other.

I would call it plum, not apple, as it has size and flesh as a plum, with a few small white seeds inside.
It is very rich with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), so the fruit is too acid eating out of hand, but I made a beautiful "Kei apples" jam!

She also says you can find more info about Kei apples if you click here.

This photo was licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, which means anyone can use it as long as they give credit to Tatters_:).

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