Thursday, 19 March 2009

Easterfest (Australian Gospel Music Festival) at Toowoomba April 10-12 2009

Easterfest (formerly known as AGMF, the Australian Gospel Music Festival) will be held at Toowoomba from April 10th - 12th 2009. All the details are at the website.

If you want to know more about which local acts you should see at Easterfest, the Queensland artists playing at Easterfest 2009 include:

Nainby, shown here perfoming "Rain Down". Nainby's website is here, and the Nainby MySpace page is here.

JMX*2000 - click here for their MySpace page

Chris Poulsen Trio, shown in this video performing "Riverside Expressway". Chris Poulsen Trio's website is here, and their MySpace page is here.

Cindy-Leigh Boske - this video playlist shows her performing "You're Beautiful" and "It's Gonna Take Time" in Disneyland, USA. Cindy-Leigh Boske's MySpace page is here, and her main website is here.

Citipointe Live (shown in this video singing "You Reign") - click here for their YouTube channel, and click here for their website, and here for their MySpace page.

Tim Nelson, performing "Hide and Seek", Tim Nelson on Triple J Unearthed, and his MySpace page

Scat Jazz, performing George Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm". Their MySpace page is here, their website is here and their YouTube channel is here.

Don't Come Monday, shown here performing their song "The Start". Don't Come Monday's MySpace page is here.

Mark Lowndes (seen here performing "Butterfly") - Mark Lowndes' MySpace page is here.

Fatis Valour - this video shows Callum Galloway playing their song "I Fall". Fatis Valour's MySpace page is here.

Mibus, seen in this video performing "Baruch Adonai". Mibus' MySpace page is here.

The Smart - this video is the film clip for their song "Smithereens". The Smart's MySpace page is here.

Jason McGregor, who's covering Steely Dan's "Josie" in this video. Jason's MySpace page is here.

Roby Curtis, performing his song "To Change" in this video. Roby Curtis' MySpace page is here.

Mike Frost and the Icemen, seen here playing at the Queenstown Jazz Festival 2008 in New Zealand. Mike Frost and the Icemen's MySpace page is here, and their website is here. (It's Geocities! I thought that was completely dead now!)


Lucy Hannah (MySpace)



The Vagrant City Scandal

Jess + Ted

Vibeke Voller

RaZ Jazz

Blame Sam

Steph Hill

Stand Or Fall


Bel Morrison (MySpace)

Don't Tempt Theives (MySpace)

Kristy Evelyn

Lester Davis


Marlei Klapper

Tbe Dream The Chase

Caitlin Turner

Maverick (MySpace page)

Caitlin von Berky

Fifth Man

Into The Ocean

Tarun Stevenson (MySpace)

Kane Bradshaw

Opposite Lock (MySpace)

Stu Larsen

Cardboard Castle

The Episodes

Candice Long

Emmanuel Worship (MySpace)

From Water to Wine

David Baker

Those Who Endure


Father Abraham

Guests Only

Jonathan White

Andrew Boardman

Christopher Wayne

Peter Pelicaan

Dave Larkin

Old Boys Gospel Band

Caleb Baker

Ada Richards

Rob Steffer and Des Dougherty

Ripple Effect

Holly Miranda Lovell

Psalm Blues Band

MPT Trio

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