Friday, 6 March 2009

Brisbane Creative Commons photos: Kite Surfing

["Kite Surfing" by m.maddo on Flickr]

This photo of someone kitesurfing in an unknown part of Brisbane's bayside is by flickr user m.maddo. m.maddo has licenced this photo under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, which means you can use it for any reason you like as long as you give m.maddo credit and link to the page where the photo originally is.

I've just done a quick Google search and there are at least two companies in Brisbane that do kitesurfing: and Surf Connect. If you know of any other ways to kitesurf in Brisbane, let us know in the comments.

If you like the idea of Creative Commons, CC Australia are running a contest called "Pooling Ideas" until March 23rd 2009 where you can win prizes for creating an artwork based on Creative Commons-licenced material.

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