Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Brisbane Twitter Games: @comefindme sets up a photo contest

Twitter user @comefindme has set up a new game on Twitter for people in Brisbane. The account will send messages every 48 hours - ten messages in total - telling you to take a photo of yourself at a certain place or in front of a certain object. You need to send the photo to twitter using Twitpic and send an @reply to @comefindme. (If you start the title of your photo with "@comefindme" (without the quotes) then it will automatically be sent as a reply.

If you send in ten correct photos, you'll get a message telling you the correct location - and so will everyone else with ten correct photos. The person to get there first gets the prize.

This looks like fun, so I'm going to play. If you're interested, I'll see you while we're looking for the final prize! Except, you won't see me, because obviously I'll be there hours before you, because A Winner Is Me!

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