Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Brisbane Jazz: Valley Jazz Festival 12-17 May 2009 - 39 free gigs

The Valley Jazz Festival is on from May 12 to May 17 2009, at 12 venues in and around Fortitude Valley in inner Brisbane - and the Jazz Festivals has a very handy Google Map showing you where all the venues are - just click here.

To find out the details of one of the 39 free gigs that are happening at festival time, click here - you'll find a list of events. You'll see the word "Type" in red - just click it, and all the free gigs will be listed separately from the paid ones.

If you go to the front page of the festival's website, there's a built-in music player with 13 tracks by some of the artists at the festival, including Elixr (featuring Katie Noonan), Toby Wren and Way Out West.

And if you go to the Festival program by clicking here you'll see that the name of each artist/group (and each venue) is in red. Click on the band names and you'll get taken to a page that will play you two tracks of that band's music (for some of the bands), so you can get a taste of what each artist is like. If the band has a myspace page there's a link to that as well, so you can sample a bit more of their music.

Two of the artists performing for free who appealed to me are:

Ubique Trio:

and the Gemma Turvey Trio.

If you have a poke around the festival website, you'll find a lot to listen to.

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