Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Brisbane Rain and Floods - Photos, Videos and a Google Map

As you know if you've been in Brisbane since Monday night, there's been plenty of rain around the last couple of days, and some parts of the city are starting to flood. Twiter user TrishwaH has created a very handy Google Map - just click here to see it - which shows flood reports and closed roads in the Greater Brisbane area. Anyone can update the map, so if you have new info, please feel free to insert it into the map.

Here's some videos from YouTube of the flooding:

Having trouble watching the videos? Click here to go to a list of videos in the playlist.

And this slideshow from Flickr shows some photos of the flooding (click here if you can't see the slideshow to go straight to the photos)

This post at the Woolly Days blog, by Brisbane journalist Derek Barry, has some more photos showing what Brisbane looks like under a bit of water.

I suggest you listen to the ABC's local radio station on 612AM - it's the best place to get updates from the emergency services about what's happening. If you've suffered flood or storm damage call the State Emergency Service on 132500 but remember they are all volunteers so DON'T ring up several times in the night whining that they haven't got around to you yet (Yes, this happens).

If you're following reports on Twitter, I suggest you follow @612Brisbane, @brisweather and @bristraffic for the best info from emergency services and Twitter users about what's happening.

Current warnings from the Bureau of Meterology advise that heavy rains and damaging winds are likely for the next few days. They advise:

Stay OUT of drains, rivers, creeks and the sea.
DON'T try to drive through flooded roads.
Make sure loose items in your yard are fixed down so they can't fly around.
Take shelter if you're in the open, but NOT under trees.
Beware of falling branches and avoid power lines that have fallen down.

Take care.

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