Sunday, 10 May 2009

Brisbane Time: What time is it now in Brisbane, Australia?

This handy clock comes from If you can't see it click here to visit their page about Brisbane, Australia, which also has info on sun and moon times, weather, Australian and Brisbane dialling codes and some handy planners if you're on holiday in Brisbane from overseas and want to work out the best time to call home.

Remember that if you're in Brisbane from about October to March, the other eastern states have Daylight Savings while Brisbane doesn't (as of May 2009). So if you're dealing with business between Brisbane and Sydney or Melbourne you'll have to remember that they are an hour ahead. This can be confusing because the State border between Queensland and New South Wales runs right through the middle of the Gold Coast's Coolangatta/Tweed Heads twin town, so people on one side of the street are an hour ahead of the others.

Look, don't waste time trying to understand the ins and outs of Australian timezones in summer. Just click here for a clock at that shows you exactly what the time is in each Australian capital - Coolangatta is on Brisbane time, and Tweed Heads is on Sydney Time.


New Jersey Mom said...

Thank you for a really handy site. My daughter has just moved to Brisbane and now I just click to your site in my Favorites and don't risk calling at a completely wrong time.

David J said...

No worries, glad I could help!