Monday, 23 June 2008

Brisbane Conferences: Building an Australasian Commons

Creative Commons Australia is holding the "Building an Australasian Commons" conference tomorrow at the State Library at Southbank. Registrations closed on June 10th, but if you can't go don't worry, I'll be there and will you can keep up to date with the Brisbane Blog.

Creative Commons is an alternative to copyright - it lets you licence your work so that other people can use it. There are different licences, so you can say that people can't use your work to make money, or you can say that people can use your work but they can't change it. The idea behind Creative Commons is that the more material people have to use, the more creative we can all be.

I'll be live twittering the conference. Don't worry if you follow me on twitter, you won't get a flood of updates. Instead, just check this page here where you'll be able to find all my updates.

I'll also be sending videos from the conference live to the Brisbane Blog, and I'll be taking plenty of photos as well. And I'll follow up with a report of what goes on.

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