Sunday, 29 June 2008

Brisbane Public Transport: 20pc Fare Cut for Go Card Users

The Courier-Mail reports that there will be a 20 per cent cut in public transport fares in South-East Queensland if you use a Go Card. The new fares start on Monday August 4 2008, when most single fares will increase by 10 or 20c. This gives people a serious reason to try the Go Card - the current discount system is not really cheap compared to weekly or monthly tickets. But the new system offers a twenty per cent cut in all fares, a further 35 per cent cut for trips over 13 zones or more, and if you take ten journeys a week, all other journeys that week cost half price. When the new system starts I will put $50 on to a Go Card and see if that lasts as long as a $86.40 two zone monthly.


Anonymous said...

Finally they wake up to the fact that it wasn't simply technophobia, people were resisting the Gocard because it was a crap deal. Now there is some incentive for the inconvenience of having to swipe the card out twice per leg of each journey.

David J said...

Certainly wasn't technophbia in my case, I love gadgets and stuff but the Go Card's original prices were just not worth it.