Thursday, 12 June 2008

Brisbane Buses - only ONE seat?

I've blogged before about how the Inner Northern Busway is a great idea. But even the best ideas need to have all the little details thought through. The picture shows you the scene at the Roma Street Bus Station's inbound platform. And I'd love to know which genius thought that a major bus station only needs one seat.


Sam Clifford said...

Maybe they're banking on the INB being such a raging success with bus timetabling that people will be able to walk straight on to their bus.

David J said...

Hmmm...I hope that's not the real reason. I haven't been there at peak hour but in the morning it must be packed full - and even in the middle of the day there are five people in the photo.

Alex G. said...

I definitely agree with Sam. They really believe in the quality of their product and they think there will be no time to sit in the station. Also, they figured who wants to sit in a station waiting to sit on a bus.