Thursday, 4 December 2008

Brisbane Creatives: Pecha Kucha videos from December 3 #pechakucha

Well, I went to Pecha Kucha Brisbane volume 8 last night and it was a very inspiring time. I got to meet some people from Twitter that I've only ever met online before *waves* and got to make videos of most of speakers.

Unfortunately, I ran out of videophone memory before I got to Randall Breen of Jugglers Art Space, because he gave what was my favourite presentation of the night. Jugglers Art Space is an artist-run gallery that concentrates on emerging artists and doesn't have a commercial focus. This means they are able to concentrate on creativity instead of having to constantly think about what's going to sell.

But I did manage to make videos of 8 of the speakers. I've got two of them here. First up is Robert Riddel of RA Riddel Architecture whose speech was all about how we are going to fit half a million extra people into the Brisbane inner city area, but the phone ran out of memory with about a minute to go :(

Elliott Bledsoe from Creative Commons Australia also talked about Creative Commons and how the idea of sharing your creative work is giving a kick-start to creativity:

And here are links to the other six videos of people who spoke last night:

Graphic designer and Shillington College lecturer Tanya Ruxton

Bamboo artists Matt Hughes and Luke Prendegast

Architect John Mainwaring

Fashion Designer George Wu

Photograper Adam Sebastian West

Designer of stylish/fashionable hi-fi systems Jesse Costelloe

The next Pecha Kucha Brisbane is going to be on February 11th 2009. I'm certainly going to be there.

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