Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Brisbane Storm Photos: Do you ever dream? #bnestorm

Do you ever dream?, originally uploaded by Garry'.

This photo of a rainbow and clouds was taken by Flickr user Garry' at Wellington Point, on Greater Brisbane's southern bayside.

If you want to use this photo for non-commercial reasons, you can do that, because Garry' has released this photo under a Creative Commons non-commercial, share-alike, attribution licence - you can use the photo as long as you're not selling it, and as long as you make sure Garry' gets the credit. Thanks, Garry'.


Brisbane Accommodation said...

Thanks for collating the Brisbane pictures, vids and events which while often brief are always enjoyed and keep us 'in the loop' of some great Brisbane things we have tended to overlook.

David J said...

Hi, glad you like the site! There are so many good things happening in Brisbane and it's amazing to see just what Brisbanites are up's great to see other people agree.