Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Brisbane Wildlife Photos: Lynx Spider

Lynx Spider, originally uploaded by 7thSage.

This photo is of a Lynx Spider in Brisbane - it was taken by flickr user 7thsage. And it's an awesome close-up shot.

You can find out more about the Lynx Spider at Wikipedia, or The Find-A-Spider Guide, or at Brisbane Insects.


Matt said...

Thanks for blogging my photo!

I was in Brisbane for the weekend. There were lots of lynx spiders around but very few other types. Scary critters especially when they fill the viewfinder with slavering mandibles....

David J said...

Hey Matt, no probs. It's an awesome/creepy looking shot. Personally, I get more creeped out by the hair on the legs rather than the mandibles. I certainly wouldn't want to get this close to one of these things!