Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Brisbane Street Art: David Caruso sticker on Ipswich Rd

ipswich road , originally uploaded by openhammer.

This photo of a sticker of David Caruso looking enigmatic (he has any *other* expression?) was taken on Ipswich Road by flickr user openhammer. Openhammer has hundreds of photos of stickers - just click here to see the rest.


Vixen said...

Frightening. Enigmatic? Looks more like a douche to me.

David J said...

Cone on, he has a lot to deal with. Lead actor in a major TV show, and it's *hard* to do that "taking off his sunglasses* thing all the time :)

Vixen said...

Okay, we will excuse him - this time....but a second expression is the least he can come up with.